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Hi! My name is Johan Zetterberg and this is my blog/homepage. Go to the english site »


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  • 12th Dec 2020 Escaping a Promise in JavaScript
    Use setTimeout to escape a Promise jail.
  • 5th Dec 2020 The browser wars
    You might think the browser wars was bad... But a monopoly is worse!
  • 23rd Nov 2020 JavaScript coercion
    To use three equal signs === or two == in JavaScript?
  • 11th Nov 2020 Safari vs Semantic HTML elements
    Open letter to the Safari team: Please let me write semantic HTML!
  • 17th Apr 2020 Unicode and wide glyph's
    Better support for Unicode in
  • 2nd Apr 2020 The happy path
    Always follow the happy path when demoing, unless you want to find bugs and issues.
  • 4th Dec 2019 TypeScript
    TypeScript is a programming language that alike many other languages (CoffeeScript, Dart, PureScript can compile to JavaScript.
    TypeScript claims to be an extension to JavaScript - which adds static typing.
  • 1st Oct 2019 The gig economy

    Probably the sadest four weeks of my life... I signed up for one of those freelancing sites.

  • 5th Sep 2019 Code dependencies and code structure
    How a function list can help you write more maintainable code. Ranting about dependencies and programming paradigms.
  • 22nd Mar 2019 fork-pty in chroot on Ubuntu 18
    How to get fork-pty to work inside chroot in Ubuntu 18