Update IP in zone files

The other day I needed to update a IP in a bunch of bind/named DNS zone files. It's a bit more complicated then a "awk" one liner though, because you also need to update the serial number in the SOA recrod!
I did a Google search but didn't find any solutions, so I wrote my own script!

Here it is: update_ip_in_zone_files.js (<--right click to download)


  1. Install Node.JS if it's not already on the system:
  2. Download the script:
  3. Make it executable
  4. (Uptional): Edit the script and replace DEFAULT_ZONE_FILE_LOCATION with the path to your zone files.


Run in bash/sh shell:
Or via node or nodejs:

From a node.js script:

From a bash script:

Don't forget to reload bind/named to trigger notify to dns slave servers!

(bind is sometimes called named)

GPL License

Feel free to copy this script and make modifications.

Written by Juli 26, 2017.

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