Open letter to Safari

Hello Safari team!

My name is Johan, and I work as a web developer.

I like semantic HTML elements and when creating web sites I try to avoid div's.

The reason why I prefer semantic elements is that they make editing easier.
I have a vision that ordinary people should be able to write documents for the web!

Web development

It's my job as a web developer to make these "documents" easily accessible.
And with accessible I mean it should not only be accessible by people with different forms of blindness, it should be accessible for editing too. And one thing that helps with accessibility is semantic elements: Instead of using div elements and CSS class names as markup, I try to use semantic elements and as little CSS classes as possible. This makes the web pages more accessible for everyone.
There is only one problem though:

Safari Reader mode

I work with a good designer that can make very beautiful "documents" (web pages). But if I use semantic elements like <section> Safari will automatically put the page in "reader mode", which means all design goes "poof" and the layout is mangled.
And the only way to avoid "reader mode" in Safari is to not use semantic elements.
So please Safari - let me use semantic HTML elements - and let users enjoy the beautiful design.

Written by November 11th, 2020.

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